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Project Icaros is a project created by 4 IT-students from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Project’s idea is to create an Rasperry Pi based SDR gadget that could capture and pinpoint the signal on a web based map. Project’s members are Tommi Muhonen, Nikita Ponomarev, Elmo Rohula ja Aki Ronkainen. Project started in Janurary 2021 and is supposed to end in May 2021.

Project’s project plan, which is in Finnish and in PDF, can be found here: link

Project Icaros will be done with opensource software and sources. All learning will be done via opensource and free platforms. The documentation of the project will be found in our GitHub.

Our first blog post of the project, 2021 week 6 can be found here.

Our second blog of the project, 2021 weeks 7 & 8 can be found here.

Our third blog of the project, 2021 week 9 can be found here.

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